IoT Inspector


IoT Inspector was originally developed as an in-house tool for manual pentesting of IoT devices. Over the years, it has developed into a mature firmware analysis platform that is used by companies, infrastructure providers, manufacturers, consulting firms and researchers worldwide. Since 2018, over 8 billion IoT devices have been connected to the Internet, and by 2021 this number is expected to exceed 25 billion devices, according to Gartner. Intelligent machines, networked devices, new firmware – every purchase and every change in the system carries the risk of additional security gaps. The ever-increasing complexity of connected devices and the need to comply with security standards in the Internet of Things also require a more efficient approach to risk assessment. IoT Inspector provides the necessary tool to automatically identify vulnerabilities and security risks before attackers exploit them. IoT Inspector is also reporting the level of compliance of firmware against several international IoT security standards.

Bad Homburg