“True entrepreneurs” will survive the crisis

The Corona pandemic firmly suppresses the economy for months now. Lufthansa, KarstadtKaufhof,– German examples of established companies that are being pushed to their limits by the pandemic. We hear and read of such troubles on a daily basis.

But what about the start-ups, for which, due to a naturally rather thin capital base, survival is already tough in normal times? Alexander Klay, business journalist of the FUNKE MEDIENGRUPPE, considers this question in his article “Is the boom of start-ups over?” and discusses the matter with eCAPITAL CEO Dr. Paul-Josef Patt, who has been investing in technology start-ups for 20 years. His optimistic conclusion: Even if there will be a few insolvencies in the coming months, “true entrepreneurs” will find ways to survive the crisis.

You can read the entire article here.