Numbat announces successful funding to build the foundation for the e-mobility era

With the funding round led by eCAPITAL, Numbat will scale sustainable High-Power Charging, while seed investors including sonnen founder Christoph Ostermann increase their investment.

The cleantech startup Numbat, founded in 2021, is meeting the pulse of the time: The rise of e-mobility. High growth in the number of electric vehicles (EVs) is outpacing the slow expansion of fast-charging infrastructure. Even today, customers experience too few or simply no options for fast charging their EVs. Especially High-Power Chargers (HPCs) are lagging behind due to high investment costs and the complexity of connecting them to the power grid. The startup is operating a unique combination of HPC and battery storage in a platform model for the right charging solution in the right places.

What makes Numbat unique is that it has no special requirements for power grids during installation, which gives it a leading position in the market. Thanks to the integrated battery storage, High-Power Charging becomes economically viable without major construction measures, relieves the load on power grids and ensures a successful energy transition. Installation is thus technically simple and fast. It enables independent High-Power Charging and accessibility for everyone and everywhere.

The first 50 locations will be equipped, so that the densest regional fast charging network in Germany will be created as early as 2022. With the successful funding round, Numbat can continue its growth course with capital in the mid double-digit millions in Germany and Europe and revolutionize the energy and mobility market. With 600 additional systems already planned for 2023, Numbat is accelerating the roll-out of more sites for a nationwide fast charging network to achieve its goal of becoming the leading provider of fast charging infrastructure in Europe.

We are very happy to have eCAPITAL on our side now as an investor. eCAPITAL has understood how important cleantech will be for our future and has already invested in companies like sonnen and 1KOMMA5°. So, we see here above all investors who share the same values as we do.

Martin Schall, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Numbat GmbH

With rising numbers of electric vehicles on the streets, we see a huge demand for high-power charging (HPC) infrastructure worldwide in many years to come. Numbat has developed an excellent concept to quickly roll-out HPCs at its customers locations with minimal cost by combining battery storage with high power charging.

Bernd Arkenau, Managing Partner, eCAPITAL AG

About Numbat
The cleantech startup Numbat combines three worlds with its patented technology: A High-Power Charger (HPC) for the trendy topic of e-mobility, an integrated battery storage for energy management solutions, and all this with an environmentally friendly approach to contribute to climate change, especially with the patented multi-lifecycle concept. The founders are Dr.-Ing. Maximilian Wegener and Martin Schall, both long-time managers in battery technology. The company is based in Kempten (Allgäu).

Founded in 1999, eCAPITAL is an entrepreneur-led venture capital investor focusing on early- and growth-stage deep-tech companies with a positive impact on society. eCAPITAL is based in Germany and invests with its own funds with a total volume of over € 280 million in the areas of Sustainability, Enterprise Software, Cybersecurity, IoT and New Materials. In addition to financial resources, eCAPITAL offers its portfolio companies strategic support and access to an international network of entrepreneurs, scientists, investors and founders and was lead investor in various deep-tech companies such as sonnen, Novaled or Jedox, which were sold very successfully to international strategists or investors.

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