Impact becomes mainstream

On June 28, 2022, we and our Co-Organizers TIGGES Rechtsanwälte and Grant Thornton welcomed Andreas M. Rickert, CEO PHINEO gAG & Co-CEO NIXDORF Kapital AG, to our monthly VC Roundtable.

Moderated by Paul-Josef Patt, Managing Partner eCAPITAL ENTREPRENEURIAL PARTNERS, Andreas Rickert took the participants on a journey through the development of impact investing until today – a field in which he himself has been active for more than 12 years as an investor, angel and civil society actor.

We say thank you for this highly exciting talk with Q&A on such a crucial topic as impact investing!

During the VC Roundtable “Impact becomes mainstream”, Andreas Rickert explained how different social groups are driving the issue positively and why Continental Europe has the greatest potential to confidently establish itself as a hotspot for impact investing through innovation. He emphasized that impact investing can be described as an investment strategy that is not to be confused with ESG investment criteria per se. Impact Investing goes far beyond offsetting a negative footprint and focuses on actively promoting sustainable objectives along the 17 global SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

However, Rickert also stated very clearly that impact investing is not only about philanthropy for the sake of a good cause. For impact investing to work, it must be possible to achieve the same returns as in other asset classes. This requires innovative impact investing products, of which there are still too few on the market. Especially in the retail sector is still a shortage of high-yield impact investing products. Another important step on the way to establishing impact investing as mainstream is widely recognized tools for reliably measuring impact. There has been a lot of movement in this area in recent years, and international measurement methods are slowly beginning to establish themselves as industry standards.

If you were not able to watch the last VC Roundtable, but are curious to know which questions Andreas Rickert also answered, click here and watch it online now (only in German):

We hope you enjoy it!

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