First digital Venture Capital Roundtable Düsseldorf

The digital revival of our monthly Venture Capital Roundtables – a 25-year tradition – on Tuesday, 27 April 2021 was a full success!…

We would like to thank moderator Paul-Josef Patt, Managing Partner eCAPITAL, and the founding director of SPRIND – Bundesagentur für Sprunginnovationen (Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovation) and former CEO of Open-Xchange, Rafael Laguna de la Vera, for an exciting Q&A session!

During the Q&A session, Rafael Laguna de la Vera gave interesting insights into topics such as: What is a disruptive innovation anyway? How can it boost the prosperity and culture of the Federal Republic of Germany? How did the founding process of SPRIND proceed, starting from a think tank idea on the model of the US Defence Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA)? What qualifications are needed to become the founding director of such an agency? How does SPRIND operate to identify the next breakthrough disruptive innovation? Will anything change for SPRIND with the election of a new federal government in the fall of 2021?

In addition, Rafael Laguna de la Vera answered direct questions from the audience, explaining SPRIND’s sweet spot of start-up phase at which SPRIND invests and which technological sectors are prioritized. He also discussed why project applications have so far tended to be submitted by small teams and lone wolves and why, in his view, the spin-off potential of German science institutions is not yet sufficiently exploited. In addition, Rafael Laguna de la Vera revealed at the VC Roundtable what kind of tips he has given to the newly founded British Advanced Research and Invention Agency (ARIA).

Finally, under the umbrella of Venture Capital, the participants also learned about the relation of SPRIND to Venture Capital, the extent to which both can also complement each other, and Rafael Laguna de la Vera’s general assessment of the Venture Capital landscape in Germany.

If you would like to learn more about SPRIND’s current projects, you can view the first potential disruptive innovations at:

If you missed the current VC Roundtable, you can watch the Q&A session (German) online.

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