eCAPITAL sells its participation in INMATEC

eCAPITAL ENTREPRENEURIAL PARTNERS, the Münster-based high-tech investor has sold its shares in INMATEC Technologies GmbH, the worldwide leading supplier of innovative feedstocks for ceramical injection moulding, very successfully to the Chanel group.

INMATEC produces so-called ceramical feedstocks which are the starting-point material for the manufacturing of components by means of thermoplastic production processes, in particular for injection molding as well as 3D printing. INMATEC is an innovation and quality leader for these highly sophisticated ceramic feedstocks, which are used in technical as well as esthetical design application, e.g. in automotive engineering and consumer electronics. The company has experienced above-average growth in recent years. In order to continue and to accelerate this development further into new dimensions, INMATEC benefits from Chanel that is active in the relevant market and has the relevant financial and organizational means.

After negotiations with several potential buyers, which exposed a steadily increasing market interest in INMATEC, Chanel finally decided to acquire the majority of the company.

Hannes Schill, Venture Partner, eCAPITAL AG

As part of the transaction, together with eCAPITAL all previous owners except Moritz von Witzleben, who is the founder and managing director of INMATEC, sold their shares of the company. Moritz von Witzleben remains actively involved and continues to lead INMATEC.

We are pleased about a very impressive double-digit multiple and a significant IRR. INMATEC is already the fourth successful exit of eCAPITAL’s portfolio companies this year. eCAPITAL, currently active in its fourth fund generation, proves once again that venture capital investments in high-tech companies in the German-speaking region can be sustainable and very attractive.

Paul-Josef Patt, Managing Partner, eCAPITAL AG

About INMATEC Technologies
INMATEC is an innovation leader for ceramic and metal injection moulding compounds. The company is developing and producing feedstocks that are used by component manufacturers as input material in the injection moulding process. The focus on this step in the value chain allows the company to protect and leverage its unique know-how, and makes it a single-source supplier for most of its customers.

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