Dryad – fighting wildfires and saving the planet

Our most recent investment Dryad has developed a solution for ultra-early wildfire detection based on an innovative IoT-based sensor network.

Wildfires cause massive damages for the planet and its inhabitants. Detecting the fires as early as possible is key. Based on scalable solar powered IoT-networks, Dryad is detecting wildfires within an hour from inception and before they can cause damage. Therefore, fires can be extinguished in a timely manner. At scale, this will protect forests, humans and animals around the globe and avoid millions of tons of CO2 emissions. In total, around 20% of global CO2 emissions are due to wildfires. With its recent Series-A round led by eCAPITAL, Dryad is now ready to accelerate its expansion.

Carsten Brinkschulte, CEO of our portfolio company Dryad was recently interviewed by Ian King from Sky News. See yourself how Carsten describes Dryad and its mission! You can find the short video here.