Belgian cybersecurity company Sweepatic secures 1 million EUR in Series-A funding from eCAPITAL

Sweepatic NV, a cybersecurity reconnaissance platform monitoring internet-facing assets to protect companies against cyber-attacks, has secured 1 million EUR from eCAPITAL’s Cybersecurity Fund and eCAPITAL Technologies IV Fund in a Series-A funding round.

Sweepatic will use eCAPITAL’s investment to boost its growth by strengthening management, accelerating the product development through expanding the technical team with senior hires and further building the sales & marketing and partner organization.

Sweepatic’s unique cybersecurity reconnaissance platform discovers and monitors companies’ attack surfaces 24/7 across the world. By monitoring and reporting on all internet-facing assets of its customers at large scale, Sweepatic produces actionable insights and helps customers to be more informed, pro-active and resilient against cyber-attacks.

This capital raise by a renowned German venture capital investor, with a specialized cybersecurity fund, is proof of the market potential of our solution in the fast growing cybersecurity market. With eCAPITAL not only do we raise capital but we onboard highly experienced entrepreneurs with an international network. We are excited about this partnership as it will allow Sweepatic to further develop its product offerings and market outreach.

Stijn Vande Casteele,
Co-founder & CEO od Sweepatic

Willi Mannheims, Managing Partner at eCAPITAL comments: “We are excited to join forces with Sweepatic which is an agile company with an innovative approach to digital footprint mapping. Through its unique capability, Sweepatic has a global reach and we are excited to actively support this ambitious team in accelerating their venture”. Willi Mannheims will join the board of Sweepatic.

Founded in 2016 by Stijn Vande Casteele and Martin Čarnogurský, Sweepatic’s platform is built around passive, non-intrusive reconnaissance techniques. They consist of stealthily gathering information, often indirectly, in a manner unlikely to alert the subject of the surveillance.

With a 12% CAGR, the cybersecurity market is expected to reach 300 billion USD by 2024. The increase of cybercrime – and thus the importance of cybersecurity – is driven by the exponential growth of digital assets and their connectivity. Any organization, even the most basic brick-and-mortar business, relies on digital systems and the internet to order supplies, process payments and engages with its customers online, inevitably creating a lot of opportunities for bad actors. Attack surfaces are becoming large and very complex and organizations don’t always realize their attractiveness and exposure.

Martin Čarnogurský, Technical Co-founder of Sweepatic says: “Think about burglars on the streets observing our homes day in, day out. They monitor our belongings and our patterns. The burglars in cyber space are even worse. They are organized, inventive and dedicated. Before they launch an attack on an organization, they find out as much as possible about it. Sweepatic aims to mimic how attackers watch us online. Our advanced software is permanently discovering, analysing and examining all internet-facing assets of our customers and their exposure. This means our customers have much greater visibility and control across their entire attack surface, and can stay ahead of attackers.”

Following its enhanced data collection, Sweepatic is able to identify in-depth insights and supply different outputs e.g. threat intelligence feeds, machine readable exports, data sets (including API), human readable notifications and intelligence reports, which are clear, simple and actionable.

About Sweepatic
Sweepatic, based in Leuven, is an innovative data driven cybersecurity venture and operates on a global scale. Sweepatic’s reconnaissance platform discovers and analyses attack surfaces and examines their exposures to attacks. Through the platform, an extra pair of eyes on the outside is activated, discovering and monitoring external attack surfaces for exposure. We inform our partners and help secure our customers around the world.

Founded in 2016, Sweepatic is a venture incubated in the Start it @KBC and CyLon programs. To learn more about Sweepatic, visit or follow Sweepatic on Twitter and LinkedIn.

eCAPITAL is a venture capital firm that provides early to growth stage funding to technology companies in the fields of software & information technology, cybersecurity, industry 4.0, new materials and cleantech. Founded in 1999, eCAPITAL has a history of supporting entrepreneurs determined to build companies with lasting significance. Partnering with eCAPITAL means joining an international network of business leaders, entrepreneurs, technologists and potential partners. eCAPITAL is located in Germany and currently manages funds with over EUR 220 million under management.

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