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Founded in 2006 as an inventor and developer of organic materials for organic solar films, the eCAPITAL portfolio company Heliatek has developed into a manufacturer of organic solar modules in recent years.

The original vision of Heliatek’s founders around Prof. Dr. Karl Leo and Dr. Martin Pfeiffer was to develop organic materials for the production of solar power and leave the development of manufacturing capacities to other companies. One of the most important decisions in the company’s history was not to rely on this, but to become a manufacturer of organic solar modules themselves. Along the way, there were many challenges to overcome and it required perseverance and long-term strategies from the investors. These include eCAPITAL, E.ON, ENGIE and KfW Capital. The latter financed Heliatek, among others, through the Corona Matching Facility, which played a crucial role in securing a round of financing that otherwise could not have been done on the scale during the Corona pandemic.

As part of its magazine “KfW Stories”, the KfW regularly presents companies and entrepreneurs from its portfolio. In the current issue, Rüdiger Schmitz-Normann spoke with Heliatek CEO Guido van Tartwijk about Heliatek’s past, present and future. You can find the interview, which is well worth reading, here.

Founded in 1999, eCAPITAL is an entrepreneur-led venture capital investor focusing on early- and growth-stage deep-tech companies with a positive impact on society. eCAPITAL is based in Germany and invests with its own funds with a total volume of over € 280 million in the areas of Sustainability, Enterprise Software, Cybersecurity, IoT and New Materials. In addition to financial resources, eCAPITAL offers its portfolio companies strategic support and access to an international network of entrepreneurs, scientists, investors and founders and was lead investor in various deep-tech companies such as sonnen, Novaled or Jedox, which were sold very successfully to international strategists or investors.

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